FORTNITE Rhythms- An Upper Elementary Lesson

All I hear from my students is "Fortnite this and Fortnite that!" My students impress me as they dance the dances from Fortnite. I knew that eventually I had to do a Fortnite themed lesson. Thus, the inspiration for this lesson was born!

In this Fortnite Rhythm Sort Activity, students first must match the Fortnite words/terms to the correct rhythm. For example, "Launch" is one sound on a beat; therefore, it is a "ta." "Battle Royale" is four sounds on a beat, so it must be a "tika-tika."

Then, students say and clap Fortnite rhythm pattern examples. The catch is that there are some rhythms that do not match the word above! Students have to figure out how to fix the order of the rhythms so that the notation matches the word pattern. In the example below, the tika-tika and the ti-ti need to be switched in order for the notation to match the word pattern.

The last step is a collaborative activity! Student volunteers help create a class Fortnite pattern using the Fortnite words from the previous activities. I keep it simple with just a four beat pattern. I have the students perform it. I ask my students the following questions: Did you feel like you performed this pattern successfully? Was it too easy? Was it too hard? Did the ending rhythm make you feel like the pattern ended or like it needed to continue?
Depending upon their answers and my suggestions, the class problem solves how to improve the pattern. Once the class agrees on the pattern, I provide body percussion examples of how to perform the Fortnite Pattern. Next, I break the class up into groups, and each group must create their own body percussion to their class's pattern. I provide a word wall to help them (clap, snap, pat, stomp, etc). To close the lesson, I have each group perform their body percussion for the rest of the class.

The best part about this lesson is that there are so many extension or modifications you can make to suit the needs of your students. You could print out the slides to use as individual written assignments. The activities can be used as music centers to practice rhythm. The possibilities are endless!

How would you include Fortnite into your music class? What do you think of these activities? Comment below! :)

Plus, check out this video in my vlog series. I discuss how my students responded to this lesson!


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